Product Labeling

BURKHEAD DEVANE has flexographic and digital printing processes to help meet your specific needs for standard, two-week turnaround. Our printing capabilities produce multi-color, pressure-sensitive labels on a wide range of materials, including paper, white and clear films, and foils. From adhesives, to migration and durability, our technical team is available to show how BURKHEAD DEVANE can fulfill your specific labeling requirements.

  •  Vial labels
  • Bottle labels
  • Ampule labels
  • Box/carton labels
  • Medical device labeling
  • Syringe labeling
  • Drum labeling

Specialty Labeling

BURKHEAD DEVANE leads the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry when it comes to specialty labels, the ideal solution for packages with space constraints. Extended content, double-sided, piggy-back, and wrap-around labels are all available. Regardless of your application, we can provide a specialty label suited to your needs.

  •  Extended content labels
  • Traceability labeling
  • Two-sided print
  • Multi-language labeling
  • Sheeted labels
  • Wrap-around labels
  • Hanging labels
  • Piggy-back labels
  • Coupons
  • Sequentially numbered labels
  • Clear on clear labeling
Specialty Labeling

 Security Labeling

Identify product origin of manufacture, physical location, custodial path, and other key information using Track & Trace technology and a variety of Layered Security options.

  • Color shifting inks
  • Thermochromatic inks
  • Ink taggants
  • Optical watermarks
  • Fluorescent fibers/markers
  • Hidden UV markers
  • Micro print
  • Serialization
  • Coin reactive

 Medical Device Labeling

In addition to various pharmaceutical labels, BURKHEAD DEVANE can produce identification and warning labels for medical devices, equipment, and testing components.

  • Blood testing labels
  • Glucometer labels
  • Laboratory equipment labels
  • Medical instrumentation labels

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